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What is sweeto?

sweeto is a totally natural sweetener that doesn’t alter flavors! In fact sweeto looks and tastes like regular white sugar (crystalline structure & 1:1 sweetening ratio), but…


It’s zero calories and its glycemic index is equal to zero!

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The first sweetener in the world designed for athletes
A valid sugar substitute, perfect for whoever wants to stay fit, is attentive to being in shape, and desires wellness #zeroworries
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100% natural

sweeto is made of erythritol (natural substance present in fruits) and steviol glycosides (natural element extracted from the stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant)


Vegan friendly

sweeto has no animal origin and has no added preservatives


Stop worrying

sweeto doesn’t only look like sugar…it also tastes like sugar: each single sweeto crystal has a 1:1 ratio with regular table sugar


Suitable for diabetics

sweeto has a glycemic index of 0, and since it does not raise glycemia it can be used by all those  who suffer from diabetes


Gluten free

sweeto is also suitable for celiacs for it does not contain gluten


Sweeto it

Add sweeto to your coffee, in your smoothie, or in whichever food or beverage you wish! Since sweeto is free of any aftertaste it will sweeten your dish without altering the taste of it!

with sweeto you can cook
Another fantastic sweeto characteristic is you can use it at home as well! sweeto can be baked up to 180°! What are you waiting for? Start preparing your #sweetzero sweets.
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Who can use sweeto?

sweeto loves sweetness and loves sharing it with everybody! Sweeto is a universal product suitable for:


  • children: it does not promote the formation of dental cavities
  • mothers: with sweeto you can bake all the cookies and caked
  • all who are careful to being in shape: because sweeto is zero calories
  • all lovers of natural products: in fact sweeto is vegan friendly
  • diabetics: sweeto has a glycemic index of zero
  • whoever likes the good things in life: because sweeto tastes good!
  • whoever wants to live a problem free life: #sweetzero
sweeto does not promote dental cavities!
Did you know that the ingredients that make up sweeto do not promote the formation of dental cavities? This is because they are not converted into acids by the bacteria naturally present in the mouth.
From today onwards #zeroworries #sweetsmiles
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What do the “who’s who” say about us?

Being able to translate the pleasure of what we do into results and the satisfaction of our clients is what drives us to always do our best!


Here are some of the wonderful and precious opinions left from the people that use our products…we just want to say: thank you for the great trust you rely on sweeto

did you know that sweeto does not promote mycotic infections?
A sugar-rich diet can bring about nasty inconveniences such as the proliferation of candidiasis. Sweeto is instead the ideal solution, since it doesn’t contain sugar, it does not influence these type of infections.
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Discover the sweetok brand!

Sweetok is synonymous of a guaranteed product in quality.
All products displaying this brand are realized without added sugars and contain sweeto as opposed to the less healthy traditional sugar.

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sweeto, you deserve it.

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